Xavier Catholic School Mission:

Our mission at Xavier is to keep Christ as the center of our daily lives and to care for one another in a loving and safe learning environment.  

Leavenworth Regional Catholic School System Mission:

The Leavenworth Regional Catholic School System Board of Trustees, under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, directs a school system which cultivates the Roman Catholic faith in a setting of academic excellence.

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Catholic Schools Mission:

To grow as disciples of Jesus-
To make disciples for Jesus, who is the reason for our Schools, the unseen but ever present teacher in our classes, the Model of our faculty, the Inspiration of our students.


The Leavenworth Regional Catholic School System will cultivate an environment in which our students become disciples and friends of Jesus Christ in a learning environment of faith, respect, and reason.  We will be the school of choice for students, parents, and educators.  We will offer a challenging and innovative academic curriculum that develops the gifts and talents of all of our children, by encouraging them to strive for excellence in every aspect of their educational experience.  We will teach our students to be critical thinkers, productive citizens and spiritual leaders who serve our Church and our local communities.


The history of our Catholic schools begins with the early pioneers of Leavenworth.  Among them was the distinguished Catholic leader, Bishop John Miege, appointed Vicar Apostolic of the Indian Territory by Pope Pius IX.  Bishop Miege chose Leavenworth as his permanent residence where he built the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the northeast area of the young city.

In 1858, Mother Xavier Ross, another early pioneer and namesake of the multi-campus Catholic grade school system, led 12 nuns to Leavenworth from Nazareth, Kentucky.  She chose this city as the home of The Sisters of Charity Leavenworth and immediately began a school at the local parish.  Catholic High School was founded in the early 1900s and the Sisters of Charity staffed the school from its humble beginnings. 

The Reverend Bernard S. Kelly, rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, founded the Catholic High School in the early 1900s and became its first president.  The Sisters of Charity staffed the school from its beginnings. Father Kelly was a man of unusual foresight.  He envisioned the growth of the Catholic Church in Leavenworth and was acutely aware of the role that Catholic education must play in such growth.  It was this sensitivity that prompted Monsignor Kelly to found Catholic High.  

Catholic High was originally housed in makeshift classrooms on the third floor of the Immaculate Conception Grade School.  The first class graduated in 1913, and early classes graduated from four to 10 students.

In less than 10 years, the temporary housing became inadequate with the increasing enrollment.   A permanent home was needed. Monsignor Kelly asked Catholics of Leavenworth to build a new high school, and in 1923, the cornerstone of Immaculata High School was laid.  The Class of 1924 was the first to graduate from Immaculata.  Truly ‘built to last,’ this building remains the home of Immaculata.

In 1979 our parish schools were consolidated into Xavier Elementary School, now called Xavier Catholic School.  Many of us, as parents of current students, remember well our time at St. Joseph School, Immaculate Conception School, Sacred Heart School or St. Casimir School.  Our children will have a different memory, but one never the less steeped in Catholic tradition.  Each parish spiritually and generously supports the schools.  Our priests celebrate Mass for our children and spend time with them.  Parishes direct and care for our buildings and grounds.  At the same time, our children have very dedicated teachers and administrators supervising their learning.  They come away with a sense of pride in their school.  They come away with a sense of community.  They graduate from our schools with a strong academic background, an awareness of the importance of serving others, and a solid faith foundation.

The Early Childhood Center was established in 1986 to provide pre-school education for three to five year-olds, which is now called Xavier Catholic School and resides next to Sacred Heart Church.  Immaculata and Xavier consolidated in 1998 to form the Leavenworth Regional Catholic School System (LCRSS).

In January of 2016, The LRCSS Board of Trustees announced the closure of Immaculata Catholic High School after over a century of exceptional Catholic secondary education in Leavenworth county. Xavier Catholic School will proudly continue to be the "Best Private School" in Leavenworth!