It is important for us to respond with prayer, kindness and support when someone in our own faith community is financially overwhelmed due to job loss, a death in the family or changing family circumstances. The Guardian Angel Fund provides an opportunity for others to help families, who are experiencing a crisis meet their tuition obligation in a way that protects their dignity. The generosity of such giving is unseen but has an important impact on our school by allowing students to continue their education uninterrupted by the difficulty challenging them.

Since its beginning, the Guardian Angel Fund has enabled many outstanding young people to continue their education at Xavier Catholic School. This is an opportunity for those who are able to respond to those in need.


To ask for help from the Guardian Angel Fund or to donate to the Guardian Angel Fund, contact:

   Mike Connelly, Director of Student Financial Support and Family Assistance, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.