- Click the button to purchase. We will mail NFL Tickets to anyone not local to the area free of charge!


The NFL Fundraiser is very important to our school system. Last year our schools raised more than $60,000 in revenue that supported our general operating budget. The NFL tickets are easy to sell. We hope by getting the tickets to you in advance, you can begin offering them to family members, friends, neighbors, etc. near and far. Participants do not have to live locally in order to participate.

“How does Play-a-Long work?”  A $25 donation buys a single Play-a-Long ticket good for the 17 weeks of the regular NFL season.  Each ticket is unique with three different teams every week whose scores are added to determine a winner.  We guarantee weekly prizes totaling $1100.  The four highest combined scores win $500, $250, $100, and $50 and the 3 lowest combined scores win $100, $75, and $25.  Winners are determined, announced, and payments mailed on Wednesday of each respective NFL week. 



Sell 25-49 tickets, receive $50 off tuition/fees*

Sell 50-74 tickets, receive $75 off tuition/fees*

Sell 75-100 tickets, receive $100 off tuition/fees*

Sell 101-125 tickets, receive $125 off tuition/fees*

Sell 126-150 tickets, receive $150 off tuition/fees*

Sell 151-199 tickets, receive $200 off tuition/fees*

Sell 200+ tickets, receive $500 off tuition/fees*


*If no tuition or fees are owed, it will be a cash award.  You do not need to be a family with a student in the school system to participate in this benefit, friends of LRCSS can participate as well and will receive cash awards. 


•Additional NFL tickets are available at Xavier Catholic School, 541 Muncie.  Additional tickets will be distributed in increments as requested up to 50 at one time and registered in your family name.