2017-18 Financial Report

 Letter from Board of Trustees Chair Rolly Dessert

 Dear LRCSS Family,

In 1858, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth founded our schools and taught children as Jesus taught his disciples. Today, we follow in the same tradition with one purpose in mind – “to partner with parents to ignite inquiring minds.” As our beloved Sisters of Charity did years ago, we want a partnership with parents, the first teachers of a child, to provide a Christian faith-based education to our children.

This year we are encouraging everyone to become inspired by the idea that each child is a masterpiece of God, created with precision for a specific purpose. We believe that this will happen daily in our schools and our homes where we pass on the Christian faith to our children. By embracing our faith in obedience to God and accepting His Truth, we are telling our children, “all things are possible to those who believe.” We need to say this to our children every day of every year.

While faith is our preeminent value, we see in our schools other values in action -- family, service, excellence, and achievement. As family, we commit to one another by sharing the same goals and values for our children. As servants, we act as Christ’s disciples did, putting faith into action through duties to God, family, and country. In the pursuit of excellence, we use our God-given talents to their full potential -- never being fully satisfied with our work, and always striving to set the bar higher, every day. In the desire to achieve, we want success to be the result of perfect effort, moral courage, perseverance, skill, and hard work.

Ultimately, with parents as partners, we prepare students to be active members of our Christian faith. Nowhere is this done better than in our schools – Xavier Catholic School (K-8) and Xavier Catholic Preschool. We celebrate beauty, truth, goodness, and virtue with our words and with our actions. We seek to model and profess the Catholic faith in a charitable way, embracing non-Catholic brothers and sisters with Christian love, and inviting those who are not on the Christian journey to join us. We are telling every child, “God created you as His masterpiece and we will help you discover your purpose.”

Yours in Christ,

Rolly Dessert
Chairman, Board of Trustees